iOS Alarm Contexts

Product Design

Facing a problem of having far too many alarms set on my phone every morning, I designed a solution that allows users to set a range of alarms in just one step.

A Better Way to Set Alarms

If you're anything like me you've experienced this annoying problem: you set about 10 alarms to wake up in the morning and have a list of over 100 alarms in on your phone set at 5–25 minute intervals. You wake up and forget to turn off some of them and they go off in a meeting making you look stupid, or you set the wrong ones and wake up late.

Alarms shouldn't be that hard to create an maintain, and iOS doesn't do a good enough job. So I created a hypothetical solution: Alarm Contexts.

An Alarm Context is, quite simply, a single alarm that repeats itself at a regular interval during a specified duration. It simplifies the 10 alarms I set every morning into a single entry, allowing me to turn off a single alarm instead of turning off 10. Additionally, a user can snooze the current alarm iteration in the Context and the next alarm will go off after the specified interval passes, ensuring you never miss that important meeting again.