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Palantir Operations: Live Ops

Designed advanced geospatial analysis, operation planning, and live operation tracking software for critical defense and disaster relief workflows.

At Palantir, I worked on complex analytical, planning, and live operation tracking systems for critical workflows in the defense and disaster relief spaces. The work combines planning and intel with collaborative maps and a mobile application in order to assemble a live picture — a shared, second-by-second ground truth — of operations, including training, execution, and documentation. This software is used by warfighters and first responders alike to ensure the safe and clean execution of operations around the world.

A good public example of the software being used is Team Rubicon, a group of veterans acting as first responders to disasters, including Hurricane Sandy.

This work is under pretty strict NDA, but I have a private portfolio that includes a subset of it. Please get in touch if you'd like to walk through it with me! I only request that reviews of this portfolio be conducted on-site.

You can also learn more about Palantir Operations and the Palantir Titan Release, which is the first generally available release of Palantir Operations, at the link below.

View Palantir Titan Release

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