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A Manifesto for Quality Thought

  1. No amount of thought can change anything unless ideas are shared and acted upon. If you censor yourself, you’ll never know what impact your thoughts can have on the world.
  2. Thought is the essence of life. Do not be afraid to be alone with your thoughts. When you take time away from the influence of society to be alone with your thoughts, you might learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible.
  3. Strong opinions are encouraged and welcomed, but they are nothing without facts to support them. Before you form an opinion of someone or something, do your research to make sure that your opinion is justifiable.
  4. Regardless of where you are or who you interact with, in today’s society you must develop an empathy for all creeds, classes, ways of life, and for all people in general.
  5. Beware of stagnation—it prevents learning. You need to learn to always adapt to situations as they arise, thus learning something from each precious moment of your time here on Earth.
  6. Take nothing for granted. You must learn to question everything. Quality thought is not only measured by your ability and willingness to explore new ideas and domains but also by your ability to apply new ideas to the familiar.
  7. Quality thought is nothing without a voice to speak it. Thinking and speaking go hand-in-hand. Always share your thoughts with others.
  8. Thoughts are best when shared and added to. In the same way that you need to speak your mind, you must also have the ability to listen to the thoughts that others share; and you must have the willingness to learn from their ideas.
  9. Quality thought does not exist solely in the realm of intellect. The power of thought lies in your ability to make connections between those thoughts and the society we live in today. Quality thought needs to have some bearing on your life or on the lives of those around you.
  10. You cannot have quality thought without passion. Your thoughts cannot bloom without inspiration. Look for inspiration where you do not expect it, as inspiration often takes unexpected forms.

Published on Friday 7 February 2014

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